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Birthstone of the Month – June

June is a special month for birthstones since it has three birthstones to choose from. The only other month that has this many options is December, making them the perfect birth month for any gem lover. June’s birthstones are comprised of pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone, meaning that anyone with a June birthday can find the perfect gemstone to suit their mood and budget. 

Here’s some information about each of the birthstones that June has to offer: 


Pearl is an incredibly unique gemstone since it is the only one to be produced by living creatures. Mollusks make pearls, and a common belief about them is that they are built by the mollusk layering calcium carbonate around a grain of sand. However, the truth of it is that pearls are built around microscopic irritants! 

Pearls have a rich and complex history, as they are known to be used as far back as Ancient Greece. The Greeks belief was that pearls were the tears of Gods due to their opalescent and shiny material. Historians have traced back the first known piece of pearl jewelry to a Persian princess who died in 520 BC. 

Since you could only obtain Pearls through ocean exploration, they are historically expensive. Therefore, throughout history, pearls were reserved for rich nobles. In the Byzantine Empire, they even declared that only the emperor was allowed to wear them due to their rarity. 

Since the invention of the commercial culturing of saltwater pearls, they have become much easier to find and much less expensive. As a result, you can find a classic cultured pearl gemstone on almost any budget! 


Alexandrite is a modern gemstone that was discovered in 1834. The day it was discovered coincided with the coming of age of Russian Czar Alexander II, hence the name ‘Alexandrite’. It was initially discovered in a Russian mine in the Ural Mountains. 

Alexandrite is composed of beautiful green and red hues, which match the Russian military colors. Because of this coincidence, this gem became the official gemstone of Imperial Russia at the time. 

Today, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and East Africa are the main sources of alexandrite since the exhaustion of Russian mines. However, they are still scarcer than diamonds, making natural alexandrite mostly unaffordable to the general public.

Labs have been known to grow synthetic alexandrite. However, it is a laborious and cost-worthy process meaning that even the lab-grown alexandrite gemstones are expensive. 


The Romans once thought this shimmering gem to shift in line with the moon’s phases, giving it its name. It has been adorned for centuries, tracing back to ancient Rome and Greece, in which the rock was associated with lunar deities. Many believed that the stone was produced by moonbeams and was thought to give its wearers good fortune and increased love and affection. 

Moonstones had a revitalized interest during the Art Nouveau movement of the 1890s. This is because the gem was a popular choice for custom jewelry and handcrafted silver items. The moonstone continued in its resurged popularity through the designers of the New Age movement in the 1990s. 

Moonstone is also known as Florida’s official state gemstone. Although the gem is not native to Florida, the state embraced the gem as a commemoration of the Apollo 11 moon landing, which launched from Florida. 

Unlike alexandrite, moonstone is readily accessible today. It is often the preferred choice of birthstone over pearl and alexandrite due to its appearance and price point, especially in Germany and Scandinavia. This makes the gem a perfect choice for anyone looking for a June birthstone. 


June is a great month for birthstones due to its variety and availability of three options. The most well-known gems for June are pearls, the only gem to be produced by living creatures. 

Alexandrite is a less popular option due to its price point and rarity but is nonetheless still a beautiful gem due to its color-shifting red and green hues. Finally, the most bought gem for people with June as their birth month is the moonstone, well-renowned for its traditional ties to the moon and Ancient Greek and Roman culture. 

Since there are so many gems to choose from for people born in June, you will be sure to find the perfect gemstone for you. While alexandrite may be expensive and hard to come by, gems such as moonstone and pearls are readily available, making them an affordable and stylish option for anyone looking for a birthstone.  

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